Mountain Lore Animal Hospital

The Mountain Lore Animal Hospital is dedicated to providing quality, up to date health care to dogs, cats, birds, pocket pets, exotics and reptiles.  We are conveniently located in Plantsville - near the Meriden/Cheshire line.   Our hospital is personally owned by Dr. Joseph Giangarra  which allows our doctors to practice the best possible medicine for each individual animal - unfettered by the dictates of a corporation.  Our dedicated Pet Owners travel from as far away as Rhode Island and Westchester County, New York for the personalized care their pets receive.

The Support Staff at the Mountain Lore Animal Hospital is a rare find among animal hospitals.  We rarely have staff turn-over, which results in the on-going relationships we develop with our animal patients and Pet Owners.  Our veterinary technicians and front desk personnel possess years of experience and each is encouraged to pursue their personal areas of interest in animal healthcare, providing our pet owners with practical information they can use to enhance the daily life of their pet.

We encourage you to call for an appointment and experience personalized veterinary healthcare the Mountain Lore way...For The Life Of Your Pet!

  • Mon-Fri: 8:30am - 6:00pm
  • Sat: 8am - 12pm
  • Sun: Closed
  • Dr. Joseph Giangarra

    Dr. Joseph Giangarra

    Veterinarian / Owner
    Dr. Joe opened the Mountain Lore Animal Hospital in 1990.  A graduate of the University of Connecticut and the Purdue School of Veterinary Medicine, his objective was to create an animal hospital that would provide the best possible healthcare to its patients, in an environment that was warm and welcoming both to the pets and their owners and to his staff.   Initially, Dr. Joe cared for dogs, cats, and pocket pets but he has expanded his scope to include birds, reptiles and can even perform surgery on a fish if needed!  He is now the primary doctor for the raptors at Roaring Brook Nature Center in Canton, CT.

    "Izzy" - his Kleiner Munsterlander, a hunting dog
    "Eubie" - a male Bernese Mountain Dog imported from Canada
    "Bird" - a Blue & Gold Macaw born in 1992
    Koi fish  - seven of them

    Animal Healthcare Interests:  Surgery;  always thinking outside of the box in response to complicated medical cases;  keeping up to date on all veterinary products and equipment. In addition Dr. Joe bred 10 litters of AKC Bernese Mountain Dogs under the kennel name "Lupine".

    Personal interests:  Fishing, training Izzy, finding time to relax
    Years in Practice:
    Jan 01, 1982
  • Dr. James Clevenger

    Dr. James Clevenger

    Dr. James Clevenger is a graduate of the Ohio State University and the University of Illinois School of Veterinary Medicine.   Originally from Ohio, he moved to the Northeast in 2000 to enjoy all the benefits the region has to offer including hiking, canoeing, camping, and enjoying the ocean.  Dr. Clevenger joined the staff of Mountain Lore in 2005.  Known as the Jolly Doctor for his ready laugh, he cares for each patient as if it was his own.

    Pets:   "Rosie" the Devon Rex kitty              

    Two Saltwater Aquariums - 55 gallons and 100 gallons

    One 125 gallon Freshwater Aquarium

    Animal Healthcare Interests:  Internal Medicine; Preventive Healthcare

    Personal Interests:  Learning to play the cello; propagating reef corals
  • Dr. Luz Borrero-Yu

    Dr. Luz Borrero-Yu

    Born and raised in Medellin, Colombia, Dr. Yu received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree from the Universidad Antioquia in Medellin.  For 5 years she was the solo veterinarian at Zoologico Santa Fe in Medellin working with wildlife.  She then spent 2 years as a Fulbright Scholar, earning a Master of Science Degree studying mule deer at Virginia Tech.  Dr. Yu continued her education in the Foreign Veterinarian Graduate Program at Purdue University.  Joined Mountain Lore Animal Hospital in 2007. Passionate about animals in her care!

    Pet:  "Kiwi" - the feisty chihuahua

    Animal Healthcare Interests:  ophthalmology and endocrinology 

    Personal interests:  traveling, attending continuing education workshops
  • Sally


    Front Desk Customer Care
    Sally has always loved animals and left her position as a McDonald's Customer Care Crew Manager to join the Mountain Lore Staff in 1995.  Priding herself on "learning something new every day", Sally is famous for her personalized customer care.  She expresses her approach best:  "I believe we care for our clients' pets the way we want to care for our own.  If I can educate each pet owner so that they are able to provide their pets with the best care possible, the pets will benefit.  We are here to help every owner and their pet."

    Pets:  Sally has owned a terrier cross,  a German Shepherd and two Golden Retrievers.  She is currently under the spell of "Pink" - her gorgeous Golden Retriever.

    Special Animal Healthcare Interest:  Improving the Human-Animal Companion Bond
  • Maria


    Veterinary Technician
    Maria has been a veterinary technician at Mountain Lore since April 2001.  A graduate of the Northwestern Connecticut Community Technical College Veterinary Technician Program, Maria attended school while working at a local veterinary emergency hospital.  As Mountain Lore's "go to" expert on canine and feline diets, Maria keeps the Mountain Lore staff updated on the latest changes in formulations and new products available - a real benefit for our pet Owners.  A member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Maria loves to increase her knowledge of dog behavior and is the head trainer for Mountain Lore's Puppy Kindergarten and Adolescent Dog classes.  Her use of Positive Reinforcement is a tribute to her beloved "Livia" - the World's Best Pit Bull.

    Personal interests:  Hiking with her dogs year round; training dogs, reading,  trainer for Mountain Lore's Puppy and Adolescent classes.

    "Betsy" - the world's smallest Newfoundland and Agility Dog
  • Abbie


    Veterinary Technician
    Abbie became a veterinary technician in 2002 after receiving her Associates Degree in Animal Care from Becker College.  She joined the Mountain Lore family in 2011 and quickly became known as The Cat Whisperer for her ability to calm and handle even the most "naughty"  kitties.  Our Pet Owners greatly appreciate Abbie's calm demeanor and ability to explain complex procedures.  Her co-workers appreciate her raucous sense of humor and exemplary technical skills.

    Animal Healthcare Interests:  Neonatal care;  reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries;  health concerns of giant breed dogs; handling techniques for "naughty kitties".

    Personal Interests:  Drawing; spending creative and fun time with her two children; classic cars and trucks, movies and music
  • Jessica


    Veterinary Technician
    Jessica has been a member of the Mountain Lore family since 2003, Jessica is passionate about her job and the animals in her care.   A testimony to her passion is that Jessica worked her entire scheduled shift on the day she went into labor to deliver her happy baby boy and was asking about the animals that had been in her care while still in the hospital.

    "Maple" - the bright red toy poodle
    "Mimi" - a rescued miniature poodle
    "Buckwheat" - a long haired rescued cat

    Special Animal Healthcare Interests:  Surgery; emergency medicine; dental healthcare

    Personal Interests:  Traveling, spending time having Fun in The Sun, and her beautiful little boy
  • Tiffany


  • Bertram


    Bert is Mountain Lore's Customer Service Representative and all-around charmer.  He arrived as a "barn kitten" with a severely broken leg, destined for Heaven.  It took approximately 24 hours for him to wiggle his way into our hearts, purring non-stop in spite of his pain...and we just "had to keep him"!  Bert weekends at Val's house when he is not at Mountain Lore.

    Personal Interests: Stealing liver treats

    Special Talents: Bert can Sit, Spin, and High Five on command!